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Jesus Is Alive!

April 2, 2021

Video: The Empty Tomb

Hey Friends,

JESUS CHRIST is alive! I’m so thankful that we serve a risen Savior. We had the opportunity to visit Israel on a couple of occasions. There are two sites they pointed out that could be the actual tomb. However, both places are empty! Here is a clip of walking into the tomb: Click on image above.

Please know that on this Good Friday, Jesus loves you so much that He suffered on the cross for you. He cares about you. You ARE going to make it. And just like Jesus walking out of the grave, you are going to walk out of that grave of sickness, depression, heartache, pain, grief, addiction, and defeat! Be encouraged! We want to share these powerful songs of Jesus overcoming death, hell, and the grave.

Happy Easter! We love y’all! Karen

Ain’t No Grave --Link: Click on image for video.

Messiah Overcame --Link:

Click on image for video.

We were invited to perform "Ain’t No Grave" for a GMA Easter special at TBN. It aired last night. You can still watch is at the TBN website or on YouTube:

Click to watch video: KPNR at 47:38

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