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New River News: Excited About Homecoming!!

Hey friends.

Homecoming is next week! Oh I hope you all will join us at our home in DAHLONEGA, Ga. Will y’all specifically pray that people will be blessed and encouraged? A lot of extra things are being planned to make sure you enjoy every minute of being here with us! We have such a great time with everyone. It is the only time of the year that we can actually spend quality time with y’all. Usually we are only doing one night concerts and we are rushed after the services to get to the next place. But at Homecoming, we are home and do not have to be in a hurry to get anywhere.

We are especially happy with the artist lineups this year. So much prayer has been put into it.

You can get your tickets at the gate or you can call (888)238-6858 or (707)864-2082. For online see info below. =)

Looking forward to seeing you!

Love & prayers,




Google Maps:

TICKETS: Contact our office: or Phone: (706)864-2082 or 888-238-6858



June 8-10, 2020

Thursday:(7:00pm) KPNR, Triumphant QT, Vaughn Family, Rau Flynn.

Friday:(7:00pm)KPNR, Brian Free and Assurance, The Sound, CT Townsend.

Saturday:(6:00pm) KPNR, Inspirations, Chitans, CT Townsend.

**Don’t Forget your chair!

Concessions available.


300 Gooch Road - Dahlonega, GA 30533

(Via Yahoola Road please.) Google Maps link click here


Phone: (706) 864-2082



Phone: Ray Flynn Ministries: (888) 238-6858 Online:

PLACES TO STAY: Dahlonega Chamber of Commerce: “Stay The Night”

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