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Made Right #1!!

Hey Friends!

Click for VIDEO

MADE RIGHT is the number one song for February. We decided to repost the video. If you’ve grown weary from surrounding circumstances, please be encouraged. Somehow, someway the Lord will make it right. (Click image to watch video)

JUNE10-12, 2021

We hope you can join us for our annual KPNR Homecoming in DAHLONEGA, Ga. June 10-12. Seriously, we are super excited about having our Homecoming this year. The list of artists and speakers will make it the best one yet. We are looking forward to a wonderful weekend, starting off Friday night in Florida with Bill Bailey’s Gospel Music Winter Convention. Be sure to check our schedule and come to see us. We’ve missed you!

Thanks for your continued prayers as we persevere through these uncertain times. Love y’all! Karen

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