The Story Behind the Song-On The Banks of The Promised Land (8/31/11)

Radio Single
from  songwriter
Sue C. Smith
  HELLO FRIENDS and FANS of Karen Peck & New River! …

I hope you are having a wonderful day.
I know many of you know KAREN PECK & NEW RIVER and their INCREDIBLE music! 
Well, with the new album, REACH OUT, came their first single, “On The Banks Of The Promised Land.”
This is a very special song and is a VERY FAST rising single.  It may soon be the #1 song in the nation!!!! Make sure you let RADIO and the group know how much you LOVE this song!!
It is ALWAYS a blessing to represent great songs and wonderful artists.  Karen Peck & New River is no exception!  But, behind these artists and songs are very gifted songwriters. This particular song includes songwriter, Sue C. Smith, who I am also blessed to call my friend.
I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share her “story behind the song” with you concerning “On The Banks Of The Promised Land.”
Please make sure you read it all and let me know if you’d like to drop Sue a note. I will be happy to share her FB address with you.  She is a VERY SPECIAL LADY!
Here is her story behind the song “On The Banks Of The Promised Land”-

As a songwriter, I’ve learned across the years that some songs are written
as a testimony of what the writer has been through. Other songs are written
as a way for God to prepare your heart for what He knows is coming into your
life. When David Moffit, Jason Dyba and I wrote “On The Banks of the
Promised Land,” I thought we were writing a song about the promise we all
had anchored our life upon: that one day Jesus would call us and we would go to meet Him in Heaven. But since we wrote the words “I cast my eyes to the home that waits,” we’ve experienced the “going home” of several people who were precious to us.

First David’s grandfather went to Heaven, and the staff at the nursing home
told David’s family that for the last three days of his grandfather’s life,
he sang one verse from “Where He Leads Me I Will Follow” over and over. It
was the verse that says, “He will give me grace and glory.” We were amazed
to reflect on how we’d written about being “led from grace to glory,” and
David’s grandfather died with those words on his lips.

My father died of Alzheimers not long after that on New Year’s Eve. Even
though he forgot almost everything else, he never forgot how to pray and all
the hymns he knew. What a joy to know that he too had reached “for that
nail-scarred hand” with a song about Heaven in his heart.

Last year, my son passed away suddenly. It has been a heart-ache like
nothing my husband and I could ever imagine; yet oh the comfort we have
found in knowing that Rick knew the Lord, and he is waiting “On The Banks Of The Promised Land.” Though our hearts break for now, we will be with him again one day.

Ultimately the song God allowed us to write that Karen Peck and New River
sing so beautifully is the hope we cling to as believers. This isn’t the end
of things. One day we’ll see Jesus face to face “On The Banks Of The
Promised Land.”

Sue Smith

Vertical Sky

17 Responses to “The Story Behind the Song-On The Banks of The Promised Land (8/31/11)”

  1. Sybil Helms says:

    This song is so beautiful and touching. I can’t get it out of my mind, and I tell all my friends about it. The story behind the song is amazing. “On the Banks of the Promised Land” grabbed my attention and would not let go from the first moment I heard it.

  2. tom mealey says:


  3. Ann Crane says:

    I listen to Southern Gospel Music and when a song jumps out at me I sit up and take notice. This song does just that. I love the words and it has a powerful message. One day we will meet our love one On The Banks of the Promise Land. There I will meet my Mom and Dad. You did good on this one and I hope it will be #1. Good luck and may God bless you real good.

  4. Paula Roper says:

    I am sitting here at work reading this and crying! What an awesome testimony for a great song! Prayers for you Ms. Sue on your loss.

  5. Josie eBoeuf says:

    Hi Karen, Susan & Jeff: All week long, since NQC we have been planning on coming to Houston to see you all on “Sunday Night the 25th”. My precious friend Glenda J—- & I travel together and were so looking to seeing you all again so quickly after NQC. Do I need to say more-Glenda looked at her calendar wrong so–WE MISSED THE CONCERT!!!!!!! I told her we would make it up in November @ Praisefest in Severville. Is “On The Banks of The Promised Land” on a soundtrack besides the full complete track I purchased? I need the soundtrack with 3 keys if that is possible. She & I are heavily involved with prison ministres in Texas & Louisiana and what song that would be to sing to the in-mates.

    Looking forward to seeng each of you soon.
    Love, Your friends from Texas Glenda & Josie –Oh yes, Hi Jeff. I was in Mobile on his first night with KPNR. He was so nervous but precious. He is doing well. I am so proud for you.

    See you soon….

  6. Faye Glenn says:

    This song and story really touched my heart. My mother had alzheimers and went to be the Lord three yrs. ago. May God Bless you all with everything you have faced and thanks for such wonderful music. Hope to see you in person soon… Remember, God is good.

  7. doug jenkins says:

    Very Powerful,truly an awesome song,will challenge Four Days Late when all is said and done

  8. Jerry Powell says:

    just left your concert in metter ga. and it was awesome. you three are the best may God bless you in your travels jerry

  9. Robin Robinson says:

    Beautiful beautiful song! When he leads us from grace to glory!!

    • Bobby Blizzard says:

      Great song,I was touched deeply by the words. I want to thank Jesus my Lord and Savior for knowing someone could Love and give his life so that we may see him face to face on the banks of the promised land. I have written two songs from personal experiences. “My Home On High” was for my father who has passed away, “He Set Me Free was after I had battled personal hardships. Keep up the great work and my God bless you all abundently

  10. Becky says:

    Hello Peggy,

    We do not carry any written music. You might try the writers/producers of the song.
    Jason Dyba, David Moffit and Sue C. Smith
    © 2011 New Spring Publishing/CCTB Music/ASCAP. All Rights Reserves. Used by permission.

    I don’t have any more info on them.

    Hope this helps.

    Have a great day!
    Karen Peck and New River

  11. Kathy Collins says:

    I love that song what a Blessing!!!!

  12. Brenda says:

    A month ago, I was reading scripture and listening to hymns on Pandora as I sat by my mother’s bedside as she was dying. I was reminded of a song and looked for it on You Tube. I never found it, but noticed this song and played it. I had never heard it before. Mom breathed her last as the choir sang “Hallelujah, what a morning as I reached for those nail-scarred hands….” What joy filled my heart! The words in this song have ministered to me over and over these past few weeks. I know the Lord led me to this song.

  13. Stacey Hoyos says:

    You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart. “If the grass is greener in the other fellow’s yard – let him worry about cutting it.” by Fred Allen.

  14. Debbie Franklin says:

    I heard Karen Peck and New River sing this when I went to Dollywood. This song really touched my heart.I cant get it out of my head. Beautiful.

  15. Janie Gichia says:

    What a beautiful testimony. The song reminded me of my father who would sing about going home and farther along we will understand. He and my grandson, who died on the cusp of adulthood will be waiting on the banks of the promised land. I love it and will hear the song all day long. Beautiful testimony. Thank you.

  16. frank smallman says:

    What can I say, I am a truly born again. For a good few years now and trust in the Lord Jesus for every thing in my life. Even when times are good or bad. And were I to die today I know with joy that I die to live again with my dear Father in that so wonderful place we now call heaven. And when I am in heaven, that wonderful song, with many more will be even more wonderful. Once again thanks for those true words. Amen LORD JESUS!!

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