Roatan, Honduras!

Hey Friends!

14980600_1004375156356683_507402363674767423_nSo much has happened since our last newsletter. First of all, we found out this week that our current radio single, CALLING will be the number one song in the Singing News Magazine for the month of January! This will be a very good way to start off the New Year. Our hearts are so blessed by the kindness of our precious DJ friends for playing our music. Thanks to all of you for calling your local radio stations and requesting our songs. It really does make a huge difference in the charting process. Those of you who know us understand that what we do does not rely on charts and accolades, but it does help us expand our ministry. The charts indicate that we are connecting with the audience. For example…there was a man from Honduras that heard Four Days Late on a local radio station and invited us to perform on the island of Roatan, Honduras. That trip literally changed our lives. In all of the years that we have traveled, we have never been so blessed by an audience as we were from the people of Roatan. They sang along at the top of their lungs as we sang Four Days Late and Special Love. Tears began to flow as the Holy Spirit moved in those services. Needs were met and souls were saved. Thank the Lord for using that radio station to spread the Gospel in Roatan. We hope to travel back there again someday!

Susan and I had our babies twelve days apart. Those babies are now 20 years old! Happy Birthday Joseph Jackson (October 29) and Kari Gooch (November 10). It is amazing how time has flown by. We are loving having Joseph on the bus with us this Fall. He is currently in his second year of college and doing Toccoa Falls Online College this semester. Kari is currently in her second year with Liberty University Online College. It is not easy doing school while traveling on the bus. We are so proud of them for staying with it and persevering!

We are very excited about our Israel trip with The Isaacs next year, July 16-27. Matthew is doing a great job in coordinating our portion of the trip. He is staying in touch with those who are signing up with KPNR as their host. So far one bus is already full including us and The Isaacs! I cannot wait to sing Four Days Late at Lazarus’ tomb! This is definitely one thing on my bucket list! It will be a life time experience and an investment into our spiritual walk with the Lord. We would love for y’all to go with us! This is a great Christmas gift to yourself or to a loved one!

Next February 2017, we will be going on the annual Singing At Sea Cruise and a week later The Music City Show Cruise. We would love for y’all to join KPNR as your tour hosts! This is a great way to enjoy beautiful weather and awesome music.

Many of you have asked about the Abraham Productions Cruise in January 2018. It is now available to start making your reservations. Remember to choose KPNR as your host!

Have an amazing week!
Love y’all,


**Be sure to check out the video of us all singing ‘Special Love’ in Roatan!

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