Officially On Vacation!

Hey Friends!


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We are officially on vacation!  KPNR has had such an amazing 25th Anniversary year! Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers and support. We are looking forward to many more wonderful years of ministry!

Last week my refrigerator stopped working! Since I was out of town all week, our secretary Becky emptied it out and gave away all of the frozen foods. The new refrigerator was delivered this week on Monday and I love it! However, it still hasn’t cooled down completely yet. I spent all day on Tuesday cleaning out kitchen drawers. Y’all! It is crazy the stuff that we had accumulated over the past few years! Seriously, who needs 100 pencils?

Susan and I are looking forward to Christmas shopping and spending quality time with our families over the holidays.

Ricky Braddy is heading to Elizabeth City, NC to spend time with his family. During Thanksgiving week, he decoated his parents’ house and Christmas tree.

We are very proud of Kari Gooch and Joseph Jackson for finishing their first semesters of college this week. They will each have one month off before starting back in January.



We are very happy to offer our NEW ‘LIVE’ DVD. (LIVE at Daywind Studios.) $20+s/h. It’s in our online store now for Pre-Orders! We’ll start shipping them at the first of the year!



Also, you can give a gift to yourself and invest in a trip to Israel! We’re going in July! Click one of the images information.


Merry CHRISTmas! 

We love y’all!

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  1. LORAINE SAPP says:

    Karen. Hope you had a blessed and enjoyable Christmas and will have a blessed New Year. I received email from you concerning Israel tour which a friend of mine and I are talking about signing up for. All my church tours are in November or a time when my tax season keeps me tied down. I have been unable to find particulars and although I read the Holy Land tour image the price for the trip, and other particulars, where you are leaving from (I live in SC and my friend lives in GA)we need to know before we commit. Take care and God Bless. Loraine Sapp (I am the hat lady and have been to your Homecoming twice and enjoyed tremendously, especially the one this year)

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