Hello Dear Friends!

It has been an incredible three weeks! We had the privilege of performing on two cruises back to back. Each cruise was very unique and special. The weather was absolutely perfect! The Singing At Sea cruise was sold out this year. Twenty-five plus Southern Gospel ARTISTS and five PREACHERS made the cruise feel like “Revival on Water”!! I was amazed at the young families that attended this year. Templeton Tours offers the discounted rate of children under 16 FREE except for tips and taxes! This way the families can go at an affordable rate. Also the bars and casinos are always closed, so parents can feel free to walk anywhere on the ship. I know I say this every year but.. this was the best Singing At Sea ever! Next year Templeton Tours is going to Key West, Fl. on one day of their destinations! I am very excited about it because we love Key West.
The second week, we boarded the OASIS Of The SEAS. It is the third largest ship on the water and I have never seen anything like it! Zip lining, rock climbing, multiple pools, ice skating, basketball courts, and many other amazing fun things. Sixteen floors made this ship feel like a floating city! However, my favorite was the Central Park on the eighth floor. There were trees, bright colored flowers and plants, park benches, and restaurants with outdoor table settings to enjoy the beautiful ‘live’ music from an amazing violinist and pianist. Scott Godsey and The Music Show Cruise hosted 300 people on this amazing ship. The concerts were very intimate and heartfelt. We visited Haiti where I zip lined for the first time with my dear longtime friend, Kelly Nelon, over the largest water zip line! It was so much fun! The next day we went to Puerto Rico where we took a bus tour with some of our closest friends. The last destination was St. Martin. Susan, Rickey, and I rented a Jeep and drove around part of the island. Matthew, Kari, Joseph, Ricky Braddy, and several others rented ATV’s. It was definitely a day to remember! This trip will forever be one of the greatest weeks of 2017.
Both cruises are already booking for 2018 and KPNR will be one of the artist tour hosts. We would love for you all to go with us next year and sign up with us, KPNR, as your host! Email us and let us know that you going.
Many of you have asked about the Abraham Productions Cruise 2018. It is official. We will be cruising to the Bahamas January 27-February 1. Most of you know that I am on the Board of Directors for Abraham Productions. We tried very hard to choose a cruise that would have be a reasonable price and also have fewer days on the water. For some people, the week long cruises are more difficult to plan.   I am especially thrilled about the Friday, January 26 in Jacksonville, Fl.. We will be celebrating early! API is sponsoring a Pre-Cruise Celebration Concert along with Dr. Herb Reavis speaking! How exciting! You have to be there with us! Go ahead and put down your deposit today! This will secure you a cabin. KPNR is honored to be your tour host! (This really helps us tremendously. Thank you!)
The Israel Trip July 17-26 is still booking and we would love for y’all to go with us! We have already booked our plane tickets. It is going to be one of the most important trips we will ever take. It is a trip of a lifetime. I feel like this is an investment into our personal and spiritual walk with the Lord. To actually be in the very places where He grew up and the places where He ministered is beyond anything I can ever imagine. Honestly, all of us are beyond ourselves with excitement! Please consider going with us. Again, email us and let us know that you are going. Together we will have a wonderful experience in the Lord!! PTL
While we were cruising, we got the good news that our current radio single, “I CHOOSE CHRIST” debuted at #32!! Thank the Lord for the wonderful DJ’s for playing it. Thanks to all of you for calling your local radio stations and requesting it. This will be the last single from the PRAY NOW album and this song is a great way to end this season since we are currently working on our next album releasing in June.
Life is very busy and so much is happening, but through it all, we are blessed! Thanks for your continued prayers and support. Be sure to check our schedule. We would love to see y’all! You are precious to us!
Love and blessings to y’all!


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