Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are very thankful to all of you for your prayers and support. We pray that this Thanksgiving will a wonderful time of love, family, and friendships.

I have already started baking for this week. And yes…I am covered with flour! Lol It doesn’t matter how many times that I bake my favorite carrot cake, it falls every time! I prepare extra icing to fill up the middle. (I am laughing out loud while typing this! Hahaha) Maybe one day I will master my cooking skills! However, I actually love cooking. My Mom and Mother-in-Law are great cooks and excellent mentors. Rickey, Matthew, and Kari usually never complain about my cooking. Bless their hearts, they are just glad to have home cooked meals while not on the road. Susan is also a great cook. She cooks for David and Joseph every day that we are home. We love spending Thanksgiving dinner at our Mom’s house along with our sister, Sandra, and her family. Of course Rickey, the kids, and I enjoy being with his family at his Mom’s house for lunch. Y’all…we eat turkey and dressing twice in one day. It has always been our tradition to have two Thanksgiving meals in one day so we can spend quality time with our families. It really is a lot of fun and we treasure the memories.

Ricky Braddy is spending time with his family in Elizabeth City, NC. We love hearing him reminisce about the holidays at his home in NC. Our bus driver, Tripp King, will be with his family in Dahlonega. He and his wife Natalie have the cutest grandchildren that they absolutely adore. Our secretary, Becky Brown, is looking forward to spending time with her family. (Becky is also the taster (guinea pig) of my cooking. So far she hasn’t gotten sick. Lol)

Well this makes up our bunch. From all of us at KPNR…. may your day be filled with blessings!

We love you!
New River

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