I Choose Christ #1 – We’re so excited and blessed!

Hey Friends!

We just found out today that our radio single ‘I Choose Christ’ is #1!!! We are extremely grateful for the response of ‘I Choose Christ.’

Thanks to the writers, Gerald Crabb, Sue C. Smith, and Jason Cox, for saying exactly what we all want to say. This is the last radio single from our PRAY NOW CD and it’s a great song to sum up this particular season in our ministry. ‘I Choose Christ’ will always be our anthem.

We especially thank our precious radio DJ friends for playing our music and standing with us all of these years. Also thanks to everyone who takes the time to call in and request our music. Together we can make a difference for the Kingdom!

There are still a few more seats left for the ISRAEL trip. We would love for y’all to join us July 17-26!! We are getting close!

Our annual Homecoming is coming up in June on Father’s Day weekend. Y’all be sure to plan on being there! It is going to be amazing!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

Love and prayers to all of you!!  Karen

3 Responses to “I Choose Christ #1 – We’re so excited and blessed!”

  1. Jim meridith says:

    Why is there no tour schedule on your website sight?

  2. Betty Driver says:

    I love all of your songs. So much meaning. The words are just meant to be said. God is so good. Thank you so much.
    Betty Driver

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