I Choose Christ

Hey friends!

This week we got the wonderful news that our radio song, I CHOOSE CHRIST has jumped from #32 to #7. We love this song and the title explains it all. Thanks to our amazing DJ friends for playing our music! Also thanks to all of you for requesting our songs! It really does make a huge difference.

We have been in the studio recording a new album. Hopefully we will finish the final session in April. We are beyond excited about the new songs! Can’t wait for you all to hear them. Every song has a special place in our hearts. As always, we pray that the Lord will use this album to encourage many people.

I can’t describe how thrilled we are about going to Israel in July!! It is an all inclusive trip. July 17-26 will be a life changing experience for all of us. We want y’all to go with us on this amazing journey. We are partnering with our dear friends, The Isaacs, who have been 12 times! We will be singing on the sites which will make our songs literally come to life! Every day has been planned out but one of the things I am looking forward to most is…KPNR will sing 4 DAYS LATE at Lazarus’ tomb! The deadlines are getting close so be sure to sign up today with KPNR as your tour host!

We would love to see all of you! Be sure to check our schedule and come to see us.

Love & Prayers!


Hello Dear Friends!

It has been an incredible three weeks! We had the privilege of performing on two cruises back to back. Each cruise was very unique and special. The weather was absolutely perfect! The Singing At Sea cruise was sold out this year. Twenty-five plus Southern Gospel ARTISTS and five PREACHERS made the cruise feel like “Revival on Water”!! I was amazed at the young families that attended this year. Templeton Tours offers the discounted rate of children under 16 FREE except for tips and taxes! This way the families can go at an affordable rate. Also the bars and casinos are always closed, so parents can feel free to walk anywhere on the ship. I know I say this every year but.. this was the best Singing At Sea ever! Next year Templeton Tours is going to Key West, Fl. on one day of their destinations! I am very excited about it because we love Key West.
The second week, we boarded the OASIS Of The SEAS. It is the third largest ship on the water and I have never seen anything like it! Zip lining, rock climbing, multiple pools, ice skating, basketball courts, and many other amazing fun things. Sixteen floors made this ship feel like a floating city! However, my favorite was the Central Park on the eighth floor. There were trees, bright colored flowers and plants, park benches, and restaurants with outdoor table settings to enjoy the beautiful ‘live’ music from an amazing violinist and pianist. Scott Godsey and The Music Show Cruise hosted 300 people on this amazing ship. The concerts were very intimate and heartfelt. We visited Haiti where I zip lined for the first time with my dear longtime friend, Kelly Nelon, over the largest water zip line! It was so much fun! The next day we went to Puerto Rico where we took a bus tour with some of our closest friends. The last destination was St. Martin. Susan, Rickey, and I rented a Jeep and drove around part of the island. Matthew, Kari, Joseph, Ricky Braddy, and several others rented ATV’s. It was definitely a day to remember! This trip will forever be one of the greatest weeks of 2017.
Both cruises are already booking for 2018 and KPNR will be one of the artist tour hosts. We would love for you all to go with us next year and sign up with us, KPNR, as your host! Email us and let us know that you going.
Many of you have asked about the Abraham Productions Cruise 2018. It is official. We will be cruising to the Bahamas January 27-February 1. Most of you know that I am on the Board of Directors for Abraham Productions. We tried very hard to choose a cruise that would have be a reasonable price and also have fewer days on the water. For some people, the week long cruises are more difficult to plan.   I am especially thrilled about the Friday, January 26 in Jacksonville, Fl.. We will be celebrating early! API is sponsoring a Pre-Cruise Celebration Concert along with Dr. Herb Reavis speaking! How exciting! You have to be there with us! Go ahead and put down your deposit today! This will secure you a cabin. KPNR is honored to be your tour host! (This really helps us tremendously. Thank you!)
The Israel Trip July 17-26 is still booking and we would love for y’all to go with us! We have already booked our plane tickets. It is going to be one of the most important trips we will ever take. It is a trip of a lifetime. I feel like this is an investment into our personal and spiritual walk with the Lord. To actually be in the very places where He grew up and the places where He ministered is beyond anything I can ever imagine. Honestly, all of us are beyond ourselves with excitement! Please consider going with us. Again, email us and let us know that you are going. Together we will have a wonderful experience in the Lord!! PTL
While we were cruising, we got the good news that our current radio single, “I CHOOSE CHRIST” debuted at #32!! Thank the Lord for the wonderful DJ’s for playing it. Thanks to all of you for calling your local radio stations and requesting it. This will be the last single from the PRAY NOW album and this song is a great way to end this season since we are currently working on our next album releasing in June.
Life is very busy and so much is happening, but through it all, we are blessed! Thanks for your continued prayers and support. Be sure to check our schedule. We would love to see y’all! You are precious to us!
Love and blessings to y’all!


Israel in July


Karen Peck and New River to Embark On First Trip to the Holy Land

DAHLONEGA, Ga. – (February 27, 2017) – Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning family group Karen Peck & New River are excited to announce its first ever tour of the Holy Land. For the first time in its famed career, the fan favorite group will tour Israel with great friends The Isaacs in this career highlight event.

Karen Peck said, “For many years now we have wanted to visit Israel, but it has never worked out until this year. We are thrilled and honored to partner with our friends The Isaacs. To walk where Jesus walked and to actually tour the places where He taught is beyond anything we will ever experience. It has always been on my bucket list to sing ‘Four Days Late’ at Lazarus’ tomb. It’s going to happen! We would love for everyone to sign up today and go with us on this amazing trip! We feel like this is a huge investment into our spiritual walk with the Lord. Thanks everyone for your prayers!”

New River is excited to invite all of their friends, family, and fans to join them on this amazing 10-day event. The all-inclusive trip will take place from July 17-26, 2017. New River and The Isaacs have teamed up with Inspiration Cruises & Tours to offer a deluxe trip of a lifetime. The price includes beautiful hotels in Israel and all meals, tips, taxes, site entry fees, and much more.

Karen continued, “Inspiration is a wonderful and experienced company that will make this trip one you will never forget! We will visit all the famous Holy sites and will sing and have mini services in some of them! We will have prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, sail in a first century ‘Jesus boat’ on the Sea of Galilee, ride a cable car to the top of Masada, swim in the Dead Sea, have a baptismal service in the Jordan River, sing praises to our Risen King at the Garden Tomb and Calvary and make so many more unforgettable memories as we trace the journey of Christ.”

More information on this once-in-a-lifetime trip, visit New River’s site at or the Inspiration website at and tell them you want Karen Peck and New River to be your host to the Holy Land.

New River is starting the year off as busy as ever. The group is in the beginning stages of recording a new album, the follow-up to the Dove Award and Absolutely Gospel Award winning PRAY NOW. The group is also nominated for 7 Absolutely Gospel Music Awards and is a featured performer at this year’s show which will take place on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee.

You can follow the group on FaceBook or on Twitter.

Karen Peck and New River is booked by The Harper Agency. Contact them at or by E-mail at

KPNR In The Studio

Hey Friends!

Day 2 tracking complete! Brent Mason, Tim Akers, John Hammond, Joe Carrell , Kevin Grantt, Bryan Sutton, Wayne Haun Susan Peck Jackson Kari Gooch Ricky Braddy

It has been a wonderful week of recording tracks for our new CD. We cannot wait for y’all to hear these great songs!! We will head back to Nashville in March to start working on the vocals. It will be a June release. So excited!!

Day 2 tracking session. Beyond excited!!

These musicians are incredible. Can’t wait for y’all to hear these songs!! ❤️

“I Choose Christ” is the #1 DJ pick new release for next month! We love this song and pray that the Lord will continue to use it to encourage everyone to keep persevering. This will be the last radio single from the Pray Now project. We are so thankful for the success of that album. God is so good!

Click for more info!

Abraham Productions is going a cruise next year in Jan.! Be sure to check out the brochure and sign up with KPNR as your tour host. Several people have already secured their deposits! (Also check out the API brochure on Singing In The Sun in April at Myrtle Beach. Y’all have to be there! You will love it!)


Click for more info!

The Israel trip July 16-27 will be a life changing experience for all of us!! We would love for you to sign up with KPNR and enjoy 10 days of fellowshipping and learning about the places where Jesus walked. It is going to be amazing! This will be a big spiritual investment for all of us!


Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Love y’all

P.S.  Don’t forget! Our annual homecoming is in June!  Click on the image for the info!


New DVD / Cookbook

Hey Friends!

Our new DVD is finally here! We are very excited about this project. A few months ago we went to Daywind Studios and recorded with a live band some of our hits from years past as well as some of our current songs. We had a small intimate live audience including our sweet Mom and step-dad Bill. We hope you will be blessed and will enjoy the uniqueness of this DVD/CD project! If you like it, let us know. We hope to do more of these in the future.

People are getting excited about our Israel trip! July 17-26 will be a trip that will be life changing for all of us. Be sure to sign up today with KPNR as your tour host and join us!! We are thrilled to be partnering with the Isaacs. We love them! All of us are going to make great lasting memories!

We still have a few more cabins available for the February Singing At Sea Cruise and the Music City Show cruise. Check out the brochures and go with us next month! I’m looking forward to the warm weather!

Below is a letter that I wrote about the Abraham Productions cookbook that we are compiling for Singing In The Sun. Be sure to send in your recipe/recipes!

Have a wonderful week!
Love y’all

Hey Friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I’m praying that 2017 will be the best year ever for you! A few days ago, Abraham Productions, Inc. met in NC for two days to discuss our goals for this year. We are always striving to make the API events the best they can be. Thanks for your continued prayers for us!

A few years ago we were very excited to offer our first-ever API cookbook, Cooking In The Sun. Well…we are putting together a second edition! We would love for you to submit your recipes and play a very important part in this project. Feel free to submit as many recipes as you want. Be sure to include a variety of categories, even large group items and beverages!

The deadline to submit your recipe(s) will be January 31, 2017. Be sure to include your name, telephone number and email in case we have questions regarding your recipe.

Email your recipe to:
or mail to: Abraham Productions, Inc. PO Box 707 Clemmons, NC 27012

Get those recipes to us quickly so we can make preparations to, hopefully, have it available at Singing In The Sun 2017 in April.

This is going to be great! Happy Cooking!

Love Y’all,

PS. Click on any of the images for more information. 🙂

Happy New Year!

Hey Friends!

We pray that 2017 will be the best year ever for you and your family. We are starting the year off recording a new album that will be released in late spring/early summer. With 2 cruises in February, a tour to California, KPNR’s Annual Homecoming, a trip to Israel in July, and other amazing events, it’s already looking like 2017 will be a very busy year! You all know that we love staying busy. ☺

We are celebrating our number one song ‘CALLING’ for the month of January. Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments. It is a nice way to start the year. ☺


Be sure to check our schedule and come see us!

Love Y’all,

Officially On Vacation!

Hey Friends!


Click image for info.

We are officially on vacation!  KPNR has had such an amazing 25th Anniversary year! Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers and support. We are looking forward to many more wonderful years of ministry!

Last week my refrigerator stopped working! Since I was out of town all week, our secretary Becky emptied it out and gave away all of the frozen foods. The new refrigerator was delivered this week on Monday and I love it! However, it still hasn’t cooled down completely yet. I spent all day on Tuesday cleaning out kitchen drawers. Y’all! It is crazy the stuff that we had accumulated over the past few years! Seriously, who needs 100 pencils?

Susan and I are looking forward to Christmas shopping and spending quality time with our families over the holidays.

Ricky Braddy is heading to Elizabeth City, NC to spend time with his family. During Thanksgiving week, he decoated his parents’ house and Christmas tree.

We are very proud of Kari Gooch and Joseph Jackson for finishing their first semesters of college this week. They will each have one month off before starting back in January.



We are very happy to offer our NEW ‘LIVE’ DVD. (LIVE at Daywind Studios.) $20+s/h. It’s in our online store now for Pre-Orders! We’ll start shipping them at the first of the year!



Also, you can give a gift to yourself and invest in a trip to Israel! We’re going in July! Click one of the images information.


Merry CHRISTmas! 

We love y’all!

New! KPNR ‘Live’ at Daywind

Now open for Pre-Orders in our online store!

Just click on the image to order yours today!






Cyber Monday!

Hey Friends!

cyber-monday_3Happy Cyber Monday! I’m very excited to tell all of you about The Singing At Sea Cruise in February. This cruise has 25 Southern Gospel Artists, 5 Preachers, and they close the bars and casinos. Of course the food is free. We eat at least five times a day! Lol However, there is a fancy restaurant on the boat that offers the passengers prime cut meats and seafood. It is an extra cost to eat there.

Only today…

…If you sign up today with KPNR as your tour host, you can have a free dinner for two at the restaurant Chops Grille! This will be awesome since we will be sailing on Valentine’s Day! Everyone take advantage of this amazing offer. We look forward to spending a week with you!

Love y’all!

Templeton Banner 11-16

Click image for info and BROCHURE

Take advantage of the first ever “Cyber Monday” offer on the 2017 Singing at Sea cruise. Book your cabin online during Monday, November 28, 2016, and receive a complimentary dinner for two at the Chops Grille specialty restaurant on board the Enchantment of the Seas during the Singing at Sea.

Chops Grille is a classic chophouse offering fabulous steak and seafood dishes, hearty side dishes, and sumptuous desserts in the elegant, classic Chicago atmosphere of Royal Caribbean’s popular signature steakhouse.

So enjoy four Spirit-filled days featuring great Southern Gospel Music, Christian comedy, and inspired preaching that can only be found on a full-ship Christian charter cruise. The bars & casinos will be closed, and everyone on board will be a part of The World’s Largest Southern Gospel Music Cruise.

Visit us online to make your reservation today for the Singing at Sea Cruise and receive dinner for two at Chops Grille.

__*Note: This offer applies to new online bookings made on Monday, November 28, 2016. Eligible bookings will receive two complimentary reservations per cabin at the Chops Grille located on board the Enchantment of the Seas during the Singing at Sea cruise. There is no cash value for this offer and the offer may be withdrawn at any time.

Singing at Sea  Cyber Monday-11-16

Click image for more info.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are very thankful to all of you for your prayers and support. We pray that this Thanksgiving will a wonderful time of love, family, and friendships.

I have already started baking for this week. And yes…I am covered with flour! Lol It doesn’t matter how many times that I bake my favorite carrot cake, it falls every time! I prepare extra icing to fill up the middle. (I am laughing out loud while typing this! Hahaha) Maybe one day I will master my cooking skills! However, I actually love cooking. My Mom and Mother-in-Law are great cooks and excellent mentors. Rickey, Matthew, and Kari usually never complain about my cooking. Bless their hearts, they are just glad to have home cooked meals while not on the road. Susan is also a great cook. She cooks for David and Joseph every day that we are home. We love spending Thanksgiving dinner at our Mom’s house along with our sister, Sandra, and her family. Of course Rickey, the kids, and I enjoy being with his family at his Mom’s house for lunch. Y’all…we eat turkey and dressing twice in one day. It has always been our tradition to have two Thanksgiving meals in one day so we can spend quality time with our families. It really is a lot of fun and we treasure the memories.

Ricky Braddy is spending time with his family in Elizabeth City, NC. We love hearing him reminisce about the holidays at his home in NC. Our bus driver, Tripp King, will be with his family in Dahlonega. He and his wife Natalie have the cutest grandchildren that they absolutely adore. Our secretary, Becky Brown, is looking forward to spending time with her family. (Becky is also the taster (guinea pig) of my cooking. So far she hasn’t gotten sick. Lol)

Well this makes up our bunch. From all of us at KPNR…. may your day be filled with blessings!

We love you!
New River

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