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Headed out again!

KPNR had a wonderful trip out west… it was the returning east that was the hard part…. all that snow and ice! Then it was home for a few days to rest, chores, repacking and heading out again. Saturday morning in Alabama then on to LA for the Grammy Awards. KPNR started out Sunday morning at the Dream Center, “It Started with a Dream” Pre-Grammy Awards Concert and Service, where Karen sang “Four Days Late”. Sunday Night at the Grammy Awards Ceremony was sensational. No Grammy Award for KPNR this year, but it was an honor being nominated and getting to attend. Friends, Jeff and Sheri Easter were also there, which added to the fun. After the Grammy Awards it was off to catch the red eye for Jacksonville, FL where they start their voyage to the Bahamas on the Singing at Sea Cruise.

Remember each of them as they journey to and fro serving the Lord through music and song.

Karen Peck and New River

PS. Be sure to check out their facebooks!

So Many Things

Hey Friends!

There are so many things to tell you! We have been on the road so much lately, however, today we are finally home. Hopefully things will settle down for a while! Last month we started off in Texas, then headed to Arizona for three “tour” days. Tombstone, AR. was very interesting as we learned about Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. My son, Matthew, loves history and especially enjoyed this rough town.

Phoenix had great weather and a great mall! We had success shopping for the Grammy’s. The next day we drove over to the Grande Canyon. It was the coldest day of the trip but was absolutely beautiful! This was the first time most of us had ever been there. It was everything and more of what we had expected it to be. (more…)

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