New River News – An exciting month!

 Hey Friends!

It has truly been an exciting month for New River.  It started with the Ceremony, two Dove Awards, and then the Gospel Voice Magazine Awards.  At the Doves, I made the statement that we are living proof that some things just do not happen overnight! Lol.  We are so grateful for this season in our ministry. Everyone has a season. Sooner or later we will move on to another season, but until then, we will enjoy every minute of where God has us!  More than awards and accolades, we are about getting out the message of hope through Jesus Christ to the world. 
Joyful Noise is out on DVD and pay per view! Many people have asked me why I would consider being in a secular movie. I tell everyone that if the Lord opens the door for us to step into the world to be a light for Him, we are ready to go! This movie was a great experience!!
We want to thank the DJ’s for playing ‘Mighty Big God’!  Thanks all of you for calling your local station and requesting it!  Special thanks to Sonya Isaacs and husband, Jimmy Yeary, for writing this great song.
Please check our schedule and come to see us.  We are so thankful to y’all for your continuous support and prayers.  God is so faithful!  Be encouraged!
Love and prayers,

2 Responses to “New River News – An exciting month!”

  1. Courtney says:

    I don’t know if you get this question a lot but I see a lot of things that will advertise your group but it will say Karen Peck and Never River Band. Do you have a band that travels with you now? or does band mean the people that sings with you?

    • Becky says:

      Hello Courtney,

      When folks advertise it should read “Karen Peck and New River”. KPNR used to have a band travel with us, but now they’re only with us on special occasions like our upcoming homecoming. “Christian Music Nights” (Father’s Day weekend.) June 15-16. New River Band will be with us on Saturday night (June 16). We love it when we can all get together again. Grab your lawn chair and come on out to our homecoming!

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